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It’s time to leverage your most valuable asset: your employees. Personal branding can help your company gain a competitive edge – because people buy from people, not businesses.


Strengthen your C-suite’s credibility as thought leaders to build trust with your audience.


Equip your Sales, Marketing and HR teams with the skills to attract talent, grow your reach, and inspire employees.


Leverage your community and find sponsorship opportunities as a creator with +100k followers.

Katheline Jean-Pierre | LinkedIn

The Will Be Live Agency demonstrated exceptional expertise in providing a creative content direction, an in-depth understanding of my executive profile, and support in the ideation and conceptualization of my content series. 

Their guidance played a pivotal role in helping me create a robust Creator persona and define my content pillars, which will continue to shape my online presence. 

Through their insightful analysis of the “Mini-button approach”, they gained a deep understanding of the areas in which I aspire to establish myself as a thought leader. 

Notably, Will Be Live played a crucial role in helping me overcome my apprehension of posting on Linkedin, stemming from my ten-year tenure as an executive at Google, where such thought leadership dissemination on Linkedin specifically was not commonplace. 

They helped me find comfort in expressing my voice online, and their unwavering support ensured my commitment to creating and delivering regular content on the platform. My effort has been recognized by my global VP, who recently congratulated me on my experimentation and engagement on the platform.

Katheline Jean-Pierre | LinkedIn

Helping CXOs Grow Revenue
Arman Zareyan | Adidas

At Adidas, we believe our colleagues’ personal brand correlates with improved business results! This is why we partner with Will Be Live to support our personal branding needs. With their expertise, they have helped us create organic posts that have generated new leads, increased online engagement and built trust with our customers. They have also been instrumental in helping us develop ambassadors who spread the message of our brand far and wide across multiple platforms. Their unparalleled understanding of cutting-edge technology and creative approach to personal branding has enabled us to reach a larger audience. We recommend partnering with Will Be Live for any company looking to build their reputation through powerful personal branding campaigns.

Arman Zareyan | Adidas

Senior Director, Talent, Global Functions
Ali Ghassemi | Weaver & Loom

Over the past five years, Nima and the Will Be Live team has transformed our social media networks and helped us leverage LinkedIn as a formidable business development tool. With their strategic advice (provided both online and in the real world), we were able to generate half a million dollars in revenue and connect with key investors and advisors. This traction, along with these contacts, were essential for our acceptance into Techstars, the world’s most active pre-seed accelerator, through which we secured funding.

Will Be Live’s value went beyond improving our LinkedIn following – the agency taught us the importance of planning and executing a detailed social strategy. I would recommend that any high performing executive invest into building their own such strategy, as doing so plugs you into a professional community that can accelerate your career, and business growth, in ways that you might never have thought was possible.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than WillBeLive, and would highly recommend them to any executive, or business, which wants to unlock LinkedIn’s full potential as a business development tool.

Ali Ghassemi | Weaver & Loom

Founder & CEO
Sara Sedighi | ABB

Will Be Live has helped us tremendously in enhancing the authentic voice of our executive team by increasing awareness, strengthening client relationships and deepening our presence on LinkedIn through various social strategies in thought leadership resulting in more life saving products in the hands of our customers.

Sara Sedighi | ABB

Global Product Manager - New Product Innovation

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We help your team build their personal brand on the most trusted B2B social media platform to grow their business, hire talent, and increase employee interactions.


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Growing an influencer's message by creating sponsorships, brand integrations and ad revenue partnerships is a fundamental part of our service offering.

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