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Katheline Jean-Pierre

Fintech Influencer

Will Be Live Demonstrated Exceptional Expertise In Providing A Creative Direction.

Their guidance played a pivotal role in helping me create a robust Creator persona and define my content pillars, which will continue to shape my online presence. 

Notably, Will Be Live played a crucial role in helping me overcome my apprehension of posting on Linkedin, stemming from my ten-year tenure as an executive at Google, where such thought leadership dissemination on Linkedin specifically was not commonplace.

They helped me find comfort in expressing my voice online, and their unwavering support ensured my commitment to creating and delivering regular content on the platform. My effort has been recognized by my global VP, who recently congratulated me on my experimentation and engagement on the platform.

Katheline Jean-Pierre , Managing Director, Financial Services, US, Enterprise Solutions Group

Influencer & Executive

Managing Director of Financial Services at LinkedIn

LinkedIn Engagement

Top 1% Industry ranked professional

Fastest Growing LinkedIn Executive

250,000+ impressions YOY

Henri Arslanian LinkedIn Top Voice (500k+ Followers)
Dan Houston President and CEO at Principal Financial Group
Claire Borelli – Chief People Officer at TIAA

Will Be Live helps the world's most influential business professionals reach their full potential as educators and entrepreneurs.

Katheline Jean-Pierre
Fortune 500 Advertising Sales Executive
Henri Arslanian

LinkedIn Top Voice (500k+ Followers), co-founder Crypto Hedge Fund, ex PwC Global Crypto Leader

Sunil Sharma

Managing Director of Techstars Toronto