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Henri Arslanian

Career Executive Creator

520,000+ LinkedIn Followers, #1 FinTech & Crypto Influencer on LinkedIn

Co-Founder of Crypto Hedge Fund | ex-PwC Global Crypto Leader & Partner | Best-Selling Author | University Professor

50,000+ Newsletter Subscribers

Most viewed YouTube video on FinTech-500k+ views of TEDx Talk on FinTech

One of LinkedIn’s Global Top Voices in Economy & Finance

2x Global Top 10 Best-Selling Author

Named as 2019 FinTech Gamechanger of the Year
Henri Arslanian LinkedIn Top Voice (500k+ Followers)
Dan Houston President and CEO at Principal Financial Group
Claire Borelli – Chief People Officer at TIAA

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Katheline Jean-Pierre
Fortune 500 Advertising Sales Executive
Henri Arslanian

LinkedIn Top Voice (500k+ Followers), co-founder Crypto Hedge Fund, ex PwC Global Crypto Leader

Sunil Sharma

Managing Director of Techstars Toronto