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$32B manufacturing firm

Operating in more than 100 countries and employs approximately 105,000 people worldwide

2.9M followers on LinkedIn

Supporting 7 Executives/Brand Ambassadors

“Will Be Live has helped us tremendously in enhancing the authentic voice of our executive team by increasing awareness, strengthening client relationships and deepening our presence on LinkedIn through various social strategies in thought leadership resulting in more life-saving products in the hands of our customers.”

Sara Sedighi, Global Strategic Marketing Manager

Sara Sedighi

#1 Most Influential Individual on Finance Globally on LinkedIn

One of LinkedIn’s Global Top Voices in Economy & Finance

2x Global Top 10 Best-Selling Author

Named as 2019 FinTech Gamechanger of the Year

The Problem.

When ABB first came to Will Be Live, their marketing team had ambitions of creating a deeper connection with its employees, community and consumers.

The Solution.

An Account-Based Marketing Initiative was launched by creating organic content on LinkedIn. With the assistance of ABB employees, we crafted authentic stories, which culminated in a successful lead generation campaign.
Henri Arslanian LinkedIn Top Voice (500k+ Followers)
Dan Houston President and CEO at Principal Financial Group
Claire Borelli – Chief People Officer at TIAA

Will Be Live helps the world's most influential business professionals reach their full potential as educators and entrepreneurs.

Katheline Jean-Pierre
Fortune 500 Advertising Sales Executive
Henri Arslanian

LinkedIn Top Voice (500k+ Followers), co-founder Crypto Hedge Fund, ex PwC Global Crypto Leader

Sunil Sharma

Managing Director of Techstars Toronto